Yesterday I went to the NBA Global games in London, here is a picture I took with my phone at the event. I also used the photoshop application on my phone to edit the picture and create this panoramic view.



Contact Sheet

As I have not really completed any photo or video project I decided to show a contact sheet of a project I done a while ago. This project required me to shoot a series of pictures to tell a story including a strong narrative. A contact sheet in the photography terms means a page/document showing all of the photographs you have taken, not edited or anything. So here it is, a behind the scenes look at a photography project.

Click here for document – Narrative Contact sheet

The Hobbit (Production Diaries)

As the new Hobbit film has come out recently I went on and done some research to see more about the film and I came across these amazing production diaries on youtube. These videos show exactly what the crew and cast go through to make a film of this genre and size.

The amount of work that goes in behind the scenes is really amazing, I started to think what I would do if I was in the director’s place, the amount of people to help me and keep in contact with, the logistics, costumes designers, script writers, etc.

So yes, I have now a much brighter view on The Hobbit films and fantasy in itself.

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House of Cards!

Let me just start by saying that this is one of the best shows I have ever watched.

House of Cards is a political drama broadcasted by the website Netfilx. Which is real a game changer for the media industry. House of Cards is the first full scale production to be only released on a online website; and I can guarantee you that the quality of the show is very similar to the ones you see on your television, if not better!

After watching the entire first season in just over a few days I can say that the show really captures a realistic image of the American politicians as well as showing what happens inside the white house/political campaigns. They tried to make the show up to date on what is happening right now in the real world which is a great thing because it’s easier for people to relate and get into the show.

The cinematography aspect of the show blew me away. I loved every single shot in the show, it felt like every camera movement was well thought out, conversations scenes were shot cleverly, character introductions, etc.
It really does look amazing. I really am impressed. The show also does a great job in make you feel that you are part of the show by breaking the 4th wall constantly and having the main character talk to the audience face to face.

So yes, I really recommend the new drama from Netflix, House of Cards has gone straight up into my top 5 shows released in 2013. Can’t wait for season 2!

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Christmas and New Year.

Today is the 28th and Christmas was a couple of days ago! I can honestly say that this year Christmas was a really fun time for me because I got to see my family and spend time with a lot of my friends from back home! I didn’t really have to change to go around and take a lot of pictures or film because I wanted to enjoy and relax a little bit. I will probably will not be posting now until the new year, however I have set myself a goal for the blog. The goal is to take a couple of pictures or try to release videos and reviews at least once a week. So yeah, this was really just an update of the last couple of days and what the future holds. Let’s make 2014 a good one!

(Here are some pictures I took around christmas time) Enjoy.


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A short film.

Earlier this year I produced a short film while at college. It was a good experience as it was my first official short film and full size production. I learned a lot throughout the process which is now helping me at university. The short film is about an 18-year-old teenager who doesn’t appreciate what she has. However when she goes through a traumatic car accident, which makes her lose the majority of her memory, she finds herself on a journey of rediscovery and recreation of life.


I hope you enjoy it, Luccas

Captain Phillips

Captain Phillips 1

Yesterday I got the chance to watch the new released film Captain Phillips. Directed by the very clever oscar nominee Paul Greengrass. I came to the conclusion that this film very solid, reasons being; it’s storyline comes from an actual real life story which changed lives of people and was televised around the world. Having not read much about the real story Captain Phillips really translates the story to a newcomer. After watching the film and doing a little more research I found out that the film changed a couple bits of the story, which is understandable to be fair. A director’s goal is to tell a story and if a script has to be a little modified it’s completely fine in my opinion. As for the actors in the film, I really liked Tom Hanks’ performance. I thought that he represented Captain Phillips in a great way and did the story some kind of justice. I also can’t not mention the performance from the somali actors which was great! They really took control and made some scenes feel very real.


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Let me just start by saying that these are the most comfortable pair of shoes I have ever worn. I am not exaggerating when I say that when I put these on I feel like I am walking on clouds. Nike really did a great job with the “lunarlon” technology at the sole of the shoe, it really helps your feet when makings its walking motion. As well as comfort they really did a great job with the fabrics used all around the shoe, especially the laces! I have never seen this material used before on a shoe, which really impressed me. They include several colour ways in this model which is really nice and makes me want to get another pair.

All around great shoe. 10/10 for me.


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The 50mm

Recently I had an assignment at university where I had to tell a story or show a journey using 24 photographs. I decided to compare two town centres and show the contrast between both places and how people behave around each other as well as the town centre itself. I also tried to mainly focus on the individuals around town so that I could show how even in busy high streets people can be finding themselves pretty lonely.  To focus on the individuals I chose to use the 50mm lens so that the depth of field and composition were focusing on the main subject (in this case, the people around town). So check out the gallery below and feel free to leave constructive feedback as I am always looking to improve my work.