Captain Phillips

Captain Phillips 1

Yesterday I got the chance to watch the new released film Captain Phillips. Directed by the very clever oscar nominee Paul Greengrass. I came to the conclusion that this film very solid, reasons being; it’s storyline comes from an actual real life story which changed lives of people and was televised around the world. Having not read much about the real story Captain Phillips really translates the story to a newcomer. After watching the film and doing a little more research I found out that the film changed a couple bits of the story, which is understandable to be fair. A director’s goal is to tell a story and if a script has to be a little modified it’s completely fine in my opinion. As for the actors in the film, I really liked Tom Hanks’ performance. I thought that he represented Captain Phillips in a great way and did the story some kind of justice. I also can’t not mention the performance from the somali actors which was great! They really took control and made some scenes feel very real.


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